Selmer Recital E-flat Clarinet, SN P04061


Selmer Recital E-flat Clarinet, SN P04061 – $1950

This Selmer Recital E-flat Clarinet could be the perfect instrument for someone who is looking to upgrade on a budget. It’s a really nice instrument that we’ve cleaned, oiled, and fully serviced (worth approximately $450). We’ve replaced some of the pads, regulated the action, adjusted spring tension, and quieted some of the keys to make it play its best.

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Included is a new RCW E-flat Barrel that was hand-selected for the instrument to give more resonance and depth, as well as a brand new case.

The instrument has a repaired crack that went into the bore, but only for about half an inch. On the exterior, the crack was only a little over an inch long. We've done the repair work to the crack, as well, so you know it has been done properly. Otherwise, there are no issues whatsoever, and it's a great instrument!

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