Hand-Selected Buffet Clarinets

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Every few months we travel to the Buffet Crampon USA Warehouse to personally select the very best clarinets they have to offer. After a careful hand-selection process, we professionally set up and play each instrument before offering it to our customers, bringing you truly outstanding instruments every time.

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When choosing a clarinet, we look for the following characteristics:

  • Superior Tone – With evenness throughout the range
  • Excellent Resonance and Vibrance – we listen for that extra sparkle that few clarinets possess
  • Even Tuning
  • Wood That is Free of Defects – No knots, chips, or wavy grain

Professional Clarinet Setup

With our setup, your clarinet will be its very best from the start!
Clarinets from any factory (even the very best Buffet Clarinets) are not perfect in terms of keywork, pads, spring tension, etc. What sets us apart is that every single clarinet receives a full professional-quality setup to make the mechanical feel and function as good as the sound. We spend a great deal of time addressing every issue that can keep your clarinet from playing its absolute best.

Every clarinet is checked to make sure the following things are perfect:

  • Pressure/Suction – No leaking pads
  • Key Movement – No binding or drag
  • Spring Tension – Proper tension and balance
  • Ring Heights – Checked for proper evenness and height
  • Pad Height Opening – Checked for proper venting (no stuffiness)
  • Key Spatula Locations – Key positions checked for ergonomics

Why Buy Your Clarinet from Us?

 We are clarinetists with many years of performing and clarinet repair experience, so we know exactly how a great instrument should play and feel. This results in a better adjusted, easier to play, and ultimately a better sounding clarinet.

Buffet Clarinets In Stock

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Buffet Prodige Pocket Clarinet

The Pocket Clarinet is the latest addition to the Prodige student instrument range. This surprising instrument is the product of 3 years of research and development by the experts at Buffet Crampon France and Germany in partnership with the LIAMFI joint laboratory in Marseille (France).

New Buffet Prodige Pocket Clarinet in D

Buffet Gala B-Flat Professional

The Buffet Crampon Gala clarinet emerges as an exquisite choice for professionals, skillfully marrying superior sound with aesthetic appeal. Its design integrates black nickel-plated rings and options like an Eb lever, crafted to meet the demands of discerning musicians.

New Buffet Tradition II Clarinets

2019 sees the TRADITION clarinet donning a new dress, worthy of the resounding success generated by her big sister, LEGENDE, after her public debut in 2017.

“Sound at its purest level” has become the motto of this new family of cylindrical bores, descended from the BC20, a clarinet iconic of the brand. The woody, well-centred tone conquered the world, inspiring us to innovate, transform and reinvent ourselves.

New Buffet Legende Clarinets

This new clarinet is also the result of these developments in methodology and touts the same virtues as its high-end counterparts, including:

  • metal-capped tenons, for an enduring union between upper and lower joints
  • GreenLinE tone hole slots, ensuring an air-tight closure and flawless sound while eliminating the risk of cracking
  • a low F correction key to enhance the sound in this characteristic scale
  • ergonomic rings for a more comfortable and intuitive feel (Légende exclusively)
  • natural wood, specially selected and honed for a perfect resonance

New Buffet BCXXI Clarinets

Louis-Auguste Buffet and Hyacinthe Klosé were the first great innovators in the history of the clarinet in the nineteenth century, adapting Boehm’s mobile rings and rethinking the sound concept with the groundwork of the first polycylindrical bore..

Robert Carrée, iconic figure of Buffet Crampon in the 20th century, in collaboration with Jacques Lancelot, perfected the fundamental acoustic techniques and refined the polycylindrical design concept of our bore families by creating the two legendary clarinets: the R13 and RC, released respectively in 1954 and 1975.

Want To Audition The Buffet BCXXI Clarinet?

At the end of the 20th century, Buffet Crampon revolutionized the structure of base materials with Green-Line.

Today, we start a revolution for the 21st century: a longer B-flat clarinet that pushes all boundaries. Eric Baret and our four testers, musicians Michel Arrignon, Nicolas Baldeyrou, Martin Fröst, and Paul Meyer, are proud to present the BCXXI.

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Flexible financing available through Synchrony

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

See below for a complete list of all the Buffet clarinets we can hand-select for you if we don’t have one available at this time!

Trial Policy

The trial policy for any instrument is seven days upon delivery. You can try as many instruments as you would like, and any instrument shipped must be paid for. After choosing your favorite, simply return the other instrument(s), and your card will be refunded (minus a 5% restocking fee).

Please contact us if you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule an appointment to play-test instruments.

Below is a complete instrument and price list for Buffet clarinets which we can personally select for you. Currently, we don’t have every model in stock, but if you’re looking for a particular instrument we can certainly get it for you. Please contact us for additional information.

Buffet Clarinets – Complete Price List

Model Name Instrument Key Available Body Materials Plating Price
R13 B-flat Wood and Greenline Nickel $4450
Silver $5075
A Wood Nickel $5405
Wood and Greenline Silver $5995
E-flat Wood Silver $7150
Festival B-flat Wood and Greenline Silver $6285
A $7325
Tradition B-flat Wood Nickel $6595
Silver $6925
A Nickel $7615
Silver $7995
Legende B-flat Grenadilla Wood Silver $9715
B-flat Boxwood $12275
A Grenadilla Wood $10175
R13 Prestige B-flat Wood Silver $8945
A $9200
RC B-flat Wood Silver $6495
A $7695
E-Flat $7555
RC Prestige B-flat Wood and Greenline Silver $8950
A Wood $9675
E-Flat Wood and Greenline $9475
C Wood $11325
D $12675
Tosca B-flat Wood and Greenline Silver $10325
A $10765
E-flat Wood $10895
Divine B-flat Wood Silver $11245
A $11575
BCXXI B-flat Grenadilla Wood Silver $10050
Prestige Bass Range to Low Eb Wood and Greenline Silver $14275
Range to Low C $15575
Range to Low C (w/ Removable Extension) $16375
Tosca Bass Range to Low C Wood Silver $17950
Student Bass Range to Low E-flat Wood Silver $8415
Prestige Alto Clarinet E-flat Wood Silver $18375
Prestige Contra Alto Clarinet E-flat Wood Silver $28750
RC Prestige Basset Clarinet A Wood Silver $13225
RC Prestige Basset Horn F Wood Silver $21995
Gala B-flat Wood Silver $3675
E13 B-flat Wood Silver $4105
A $4825
E12F B-flat Wood Silver $2850
E11 B-flat Wood Nickel $1750
A $3245
E-flat $3775
C $3775
Pocket Clarinet D Wood N/A $295

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