About Rice Clarinet Works

We are clarinetist with many years of performing and clarinet repair experience, so we know exactly how a great instrument should play and feel. This results in a better adjusted, easier to play, and ultimately a better sounding clarinet.

Why Send Your Clarinet To Us?Meet The Team

Why Send your Clarinet to Us?

Because we specialize in clarinet, we don’t have to divide our attention and resources among other instruments and projects. Because we have little overhead, we can buy all of the latest materials and tools, and because we are clarinetists, we know exactly how a clarinet should be set-up for players of different skill levels. All of this translates to a better adjusted, easier to play, and ultimately a better sounding clarinet.

If you’re planning on having your clarinet overhauled or restored, consider the fact that our services are the same price or less expensive than others, but include all of the following…

Repair Service Rice Clarinet Works Most Others
Free choice of pads cork, leather or synthetic Not included – usually $50 extra
High Tech Materials Yes not included/not available
Nylon Inserts – Reduce friction and key play Yes not included/not available
Logo Restoration Yes not included/not available
Silver Key Polishing Yes not included
Expert Regulation and Adjustment Yes – Master’s Degree in Clarinet Performance Most repairmen are not clarinetists
Extensive Play Testing


Wesley Rice

Wesley Rice

Wesley Rice holds a Bachelor of Music degree from The Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University in Clarinet Performance and a Master of Music degree from West Virginia University in Clarinet Performance. He was awarded the assistantship for clarinet and aural theory from West Virginia University and the Martha and William Bill Memorial Prize for Woodwinds from the Peabody Institute.

Wesley has been restoring, repairing, and maintaining woodwind instruments, mainly clarinets, since 2003. He has repaired the clarinets of many symphony and freelance clarinetists from across the country and around the world. Wesley has restored clarinets for members of the Navy Band, Naval Academy Band, and Marine Band. He also performs repairs and overhauls for students from The Peabody Conservatory, West Virginia University, Cincinnati College-Conservatory, Ithaca College, and their surrounding areas.

From 2009 to 2010, Wesley worked with Conn-Selmer (Leblanc) as a professional clarinet tester in Elkhart, Indiana. Currently, Wesley resides in Princess Anne, Maryland, where he runs his clarinet repair/restoration and parts manufacture business full-time.

Michael Bennet

Jacob Johnson

Jacob Johnson Jacob Johnson was born in Stroud, Oklahoma and was raised in Bristow Oklahoma. After completing high school he joined the U.S Army Reserves where he obtained the rank of Sargent. During that time, he gained 3 years of experience in CNC machining while working for several machine shops. More recently, he began a career in sales with Verizon. Within a 5 year period, he went from sales representative to District Manager, excelling in all aspects of the business. He then decided to return back to machining world at Rice Clarinet Works. In his free time he enjoys boxing, long distance running, and reading/listening to books.

Breann Van Ess

Mark Adkins was born in Salisbury, MD and served the U.S. Air Force from 2009 to 2017 where he worked as an Aircraft Hydraulics Journeyman.

During that time he was lucky enough to travel all over the world and was stationed in Oklahoma City, OK, Lakenheath, UK and Clovis, NM. After separating from the Air Force, Mark went on to work at the Delaware Coastal Airport as a Fuel Tank Mechanic for several different types of aircraft. Mark gained valuable communication and organizational skills during his military service as the manager for various programs.

When Mark isn’t at work, he enjoys spending time with his family and being outdoors as much as possible. He enjoys fishing, disc golf, and spending time hiking in the woods.

Breann Van Ess

Josh Snively is a clarinetist, instrument repairman, and composer/producer. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Music from the University of Delaware, both for Clarinet Performance.

As a performer, he has traveled across the United States and to Europe. From 2018-2022, he held a Clarinet position in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard Band of the Northeast, serving as Music Librarian and Arranger. His music and productions are featured in web shows, short films, academic recitals, and international conferences with ensembles of all levels.

His instrument repair work started as an internship for his high school’s STEM program, and combined his love for engineering mechanics and music. His work continued through his performance studies, working on instruments for his schools’ music departments and steadily growing his freelance trade.
In his freetime Josh enjoys longboarding, snowboarding, boating, painting, and exploring video game sound design.

Breann Van Ess
Carrie Shaffer was born and grew up in Annapolis, MD. After graduating high school, she relocated to the eastern shore of Maryland and spent 16 years working in the hospitality industry, where she gained experience working at the front desk, as a concierge, and as a guest services supervisor.

Outside of work, Carrie enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with her family.

Ollie Dexter

Ollie and Dexter Rice

Ollie and Dexter are the resident shop dogs of Rice Clarinet Works. Ollie is eight, and Dexter is seven. They are border collies who love to run, play ball, and look after their chickens.