Buffet ClariMate Clarinet Training Tool

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Mute Your Sound, Not Your Passion

The ClariMate, an innovative digital clarinet mute, brings a whole new dimension to clarinet practice and digital music-making. Suitable for both Bb and A clarinets, it’s a game-changer for artists, teachers, and students alike.

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Key Features:

  • Compact and Full-Featured: With a USB-C port, Bluetooth connectivity, and a lithium-ion battery offering up to 4 hours of battery life, ClariMate is your portable companion for musical exploration.
  • Realistic Playing Experience: Despite muting the clarinet, ClariMate ensures a natural playing feel with its high-quality breath sensor and realistic clarinet settings.
  • Seamless Connection: Plug in wired earphones for standalone use or connect to various apps via Bluetooth for an immersive practice session.
  • Unique Technical Specifications: ClariMate is a reversible hybrid instrument that adapts to your clarinet, providing customizable fingering recognition and a mouthpiece design imitating an acoustic clarinet.

Praised by Experts:

Renowned clarinet maker Buffet-Crampon presents the ClariMate as "the gateway to silent practice and digital music," enabling clarinetists the capability to play silently without substantially changing the instrument's feel, offering a convincing clarinet sound through earphones.

What's in the Box:

  • The ClariMate unit with a sleek, button-laden design.
  • A nylon carrying case for easy transport.
  • Two "active reeds" and spare O-rings for a perfect fit.
  • Customizable rubbery plugs and a USB cable for connectivity.

A New Era of Practice:

The ClariMate is more than just a clarinet training tool. It's a musical revolution, redefining clarinet practice. Whether you're fine-tuning your skills in a quiet environment or exploring the realms of digital music-making, ClariMate is your ultimate tool.

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