Hand-Finished Clarinet Mouthpieces

Exceptional Mouthpieces By Rice Clarinet Works
Manufactured on our state of the art CNC Machines to a high degree of precision, our hand-finished mouthpieces will add depth, projection, and beauty to your sound.
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Professional Clarinet Mouthpieces

Hand-Crafted Mouthpieces Available for Purchase Or For Trial


“Without question, these are the best mpcs I’ve ever played. They are free blowing, extremely flexible with a rich but balanced tone spectrum. Interestingly, with all the flexibility, they don’t lose control no matter how hard I push them. Super responsive as well. Absolutely the BEST. I had to purchase a backup!”

WOW!!! The new mouthpieces you sent are outstanding! They add brilliance and depth to my sound, allowing the sound to soar! Many thanks and congratulations on recreating and improving upon an already great mouthpiece.”

“This is one of the best mouthpieces I have ever played and can’t wait to play it in the clarinet choir this week! I will probably be purchasing another one at some point in the near future. I feel the price is reasonable.”

Trial Policy for Clarinet Mouthpieces

Because of the high standards of manufacture, all of our mouthpieces are very similar. However, they will play differently from one player to the next. Because of this, your best option is to purchase multiple mouthpieces (at least two) and keep the best one. Simply send back the unwanted ones, and your card will be credited.

Mouthpieces are available for trial for seven days after their arrival. Mouthpieces returned in good condition and postmarked within this trial period will be credited back to your card, minus a 3% restocking fee

Clarinet Repairs & Mouthpieces

“The tone, response, and ease of staccato are absolutely brilliant.”

“These Model C mouthpieces are incredible! Whereas the Model K mouthpieces have a clarity and brilliance that is perfect in orchestral playing and with 20th century solo works, such as the Copland Concerto and Poulenc Sonata, the Model C mouthpieces have a richness that is perfect for the Brahms or Saint-Saëns Sonatas and other 19th century pieces. Plus, the Model C works great in a wind ensemble section. In addition, the consistency across all of the Model C’s that you sent is remarkable! I had a very difficult time making a selection because they are all virtually the same. Great mouthpieces all the way around, and I’m using both models!!”

“I just received your model K mouthpiece and wanted to tell you how much I love it (I have already played 1 concert with it).
For many years I had been playing on a [well-known mouthpiece maker’s] mouthpiece and when I decided to add another one as a backup, found he has gone to a synthetic material (reason being Zinner blanks are no longer available). Unfortunately this change made the mouthpiece unacceptable to me, so I returned it.
Any way, I wanted to let you know that I am loving my new Rice Clarinet Works mouthpiece.”