Clarinet Pad Replacement

Intermediate and Professional level repads at a fair price
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E-Flat and Soprano (B-flat, A, etc.) Clarinets

Intermediate Clarinet Repad – Valentino Synthetic Pads $399*
Pro Clarinet Repad – Cork and Valentino Pads $499*
Premium Overhauls and Restorations
Upgrades Available!

*Pricing is for the replacement of pads only. Cleaning, oil treatment, regulation, etc. will be extra. Call us for an estimate.

Alto and Bass Clarinets

Premium Overhauls and Restorations
Upgrades Available!



Professional Clarinet Pad Replacement

Professional clarinet repadding involves a complete disassembly of the clarinet and removal of all pads. Any missing bumpers are replaced, and each key is carefully test-fit to ensure that it is tight between the posts and does not wobble. This is because looseness of a key can result in inconsistent pad placement on the tone hole and will cause the pad to leak. If too many keys are loose, it is more cost-effective to get an overhaul.

After proper key fitting, each pad is glued in place with an adhesive and checked for a good seal. Pads which seal well are essential for the clarinet to play and sound its best.

Spring tension is the next aspect of the clarinet to be checked. The instrument you purchase almost never has the proper spring tensions, even when it is brand new. This can result in many problems for a clarinet player of any ability. I also use different spring tension set-ups for the particular skill level of the player.

The price of a clarinet repad includes the labor for pad removal and installation, and for cleaning/oiling of the hinges only. Any required key fitting, spring replacement, etc. will be extra.