Practically New Buffet 1180 Bass Clarinet to Low E-flat


This bass clarinet is practically brand new and in excellent shape! We just put almost $500 of work into it (Cleaning, adjusting, regulating, etc.) to get it into professional-level playing condition. This setup work needs to be done to any new instrument to make it playable, but we also did a full cleaning and polishing to get it ready for its next owner.

This instrument is perfect for the player who is looking to take their playing to the next level without breaking the bank. Although Buffet deems this their “Student Bass”, it’s made of aged grenadilla wood just like their professional bass clarinets. The keywork and build quality are also professional quality, as well. All of this makes for a great bass clarinet that will give years of trouble-free use. Bought new, we sell this same instrument for almost $7000, but it can be yours for only $4950 – a very steep discount for an instrument with very little playing time (less than six months).

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