E-Flat Clarinet Barrels


Just like our soprano clarinet barrels, our E-flat barrels are designed to give more resonance, sound, and focus to your E-flat clarinet. Right now we’re just releasing them in wood, but if the demand is enough, we will be making Delrin variations, as well. We’re now offering a new variation on our E-flat barrels where there is a cutout to accommodate a longer reed.

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Trial Policy for Clarinet Barrels

Because of the high standards of manufacture, all of the barrels above are practically identical. However, certain ones will play better with certain instruments. Because of this, your best option is to purchase multiple barrels and keep the best one. We would recommend trying a few wooden and a few Delrin barrels – at least two of each. Simply send back the unwanted ones, and your card will be credited.

Barrels are available for trial for seven days after their arrival. Barrels returned in good condition and postmarked within this trial period will be credited back to your card, minus a 3% restocking fee.

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Weight 1 kg

41mm, 41mm with cutout, 41.5mm, 41.5mm with cutout, 42mm, 42mm with cutout, 42.5mm, 42.5mm with cutout, 43mm, 43mm with cutout, Custom Length


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