Buffet R13 B-Flat Clarinet 7098xx – Pristine Condition


Up for sale is a really nice R13 B-flat Clarinet that is almost brand new. You can tell it hasn’t been played very much at all because the logos are pristine (new Buffet logos are notorious for rubbing off very quickly).

This clarinet was overhauled by renowned repairman Tim Clark, who does excellent work. Still, upon receiving the clarinet we made sure to do a full cleaning, oil treatment, and general checking over/repair (worth approximately $250) to make sure everything was in great shape for the next owner. The clarinet plays very well, and mechanically, it will be good for years to come. It comes with a one year warranty, just in case!

A new R13 costs around $4200, but you can save BIG with this almost new R13 that has at least $1000 of extra work put into it. Contact us today to set up your trial!

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