Buffet BCXXI – BC21 B-Flat Professional Clarinet


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BCXXI : Two initials and a number, signifying the beginning of a new century and representing the architecture of a new acoustic paradigm.
After a careful hand-selection process, we play each instrument before offering it to our customers, bringing you truly outstanding instruments every time.

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  • The lower joint of a B-flat clarinet extended by several centimeters in which a strategically placed resonance vent makes it possible to produce low E-flat with a full and vibrant sound. Overall, the entire chalumeau register is greatly improved thanks to its limited flare in favor of a longer cylinder.
  • A shorter bell that no longer determines the accuracy of the fundamental notes E/B and F/C but serves as a resonator for the entire clarinet.A surprisingly stable and easy high register, thanks in part to the elongated bottom joint.
  • A third fingering of Bb middle register that creates vibrations in the entire length of the instrument to produce a full and resonant sound. This new mechanism will also allow the musician to create new sequences without changing  registers, or to revise certain fingerings used in the pieces of the repertoire.The balance of the left hand, especially G♯ /C♯, D/A, have been greatly improved.
  • A slightly raised tone hole on D allowing a more ergonomic positioning of the left-hand fingers by keeping them on the same horizontal plane.
  • Enjoy rediscovering the repertoire that includes a low Eb and composed in A to Bb.
  • Finally, imagine a weight equivalent to a traditional clarinet thanks to its shorter bell and carbon fiber rings.

Technical specifications

  • Key : B-flat
  • Pitch : 440/442 Hz
  • Body : Natural Grenadilla wood (Dalbergia Melanoxylon), Buffet Crampon cylindrical bore, Inserts in Green LinE tones holes slot on the upper joint, Metal-capped tenons, Delivered with 2 barrels: 65 and 66mm
  • Keywork : 19 keys et 6 rings, Adjustable thumbrest, Eb lever, Low Eb/Bb key, Silver plated and Gold plated, Highly reliable keywork, Metal pins with O-ring, Blue steel springs
  • Pads : Combination of GT pads (100% waterproof and breathable) and natural cork pads
  • Case : Special BCXXI : compact, black
  • Accessories : Rose gold Harmonie ligature with silver plated screws, Silver plated Buffet Crampon mouthpiece cap, Buffet Crampon pull-through

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