Bolt-On Alternate E-Flat Key


Our Left-Hand Alternate E-flat Keys for Buffet clarinets will allow you to take your playing to the next level! Prior to our kit, the only options for adding a left-hand E-flat key to your clarinet were drilling for a new post, grinding keys, fabricating parts, etc. ($500 – $700), or purchasing a clarinet that comes with one ($4500 and up!)

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With our Bolt-on Alternate E-flat Key, you'll be able to quickly and easily install your kit with simple hand tools (wrench included). Plus, it's completely removable at any time.

Your kit will include the following:

Buffet clarinets that will need modification to fit:

Buffet B10
Buffet B12

Will this fit my non-Buffet clarinet?

While we only guarantee our kits will fit Buffet clarinets without modification, they can be easily adapted to other brands of clarinet by a qualified technician. If you are interested in doing so, please have your technician reference the notes below to see if the key can be installed with no modifications.

For Technicians

The RCW Alternate E-flat Key Technician Model is for technicians only, as there is some fitting involved. The kit will ship with an undersized 1/8" pivot hole so the technician can ream the hole up to the exact size of the hinge tube it will slip over. The purpose of this is to create a better fitting key and give more installation flexibility.

With the key fitting being more precisely controlled, the adjustable set screws which regulate excess wobble are unnecessary, and so there are no holes for them in this model of key (as are present on our standard model).

Technicians, please also note that we offer dealer pricing on all of our products. Please contact us for our dealer price list and terms.

Fitment Notes

You will need to take the following measurements to see if the key and arm can bolt onto a non-Buffet B-flat clarinet with no modification. If the clarinet you would like to adapt the key to is out of spec, follow the instructions below:

Left-hand F#/C# hinge tube outside diameter: .115" - .133"
Hinge tube too large - Sand or turn the hinge tube exterior on a lathe (do not ream the hole in the e-flat key)
Hinge tube too small - Usually not an issue, but consider machining an adapter sleeve

Distance between the LH F#/C# hinge rod centerline and the E-flat pad cup centerline: 2.05" - 2.09"
Distance too long - Remove the nylon pin. Using a piece of drill rod, ABS, or nylon, make a longer pin that extends farther from the key. If using drill rod, wrap in heat-shrink tubing to silence
Distance too short - Remove the nylon pin. Key can be ground shorter and pin re-installed.

Length of the LH F#/C# hinge tube (between the key face and the post): .242" - .270"
Hinge tube too short? The rectangular boss can be filed down until the key fits
Hinge tube too long? While this will work, the key will be noisy. Consider machining a small washer to be used between the E-flat key and the existing F#/C# key.

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Buffet B-Flat – Silver Plating, Buffet B-Flat – Nickel Plating, Buffet A – Silver Plating, Buffet A – Nickel Plating, Buffet E-Flat – Silver Plating, Buffet E-Flat – Nickel Plating, TECHNICIAN MODEL – Buffet B-Flat – Silver Plating, TECHNICIAN MODEL – Buffet B-Flat – Nickel Plating, TECHNICIAN MODEL – Buffet A – Silver Plating, TECHNICIAN MODEL – Buffet A – Nickel Plating, Hardware Kit Only – All Screws & Wrench ($17.50)


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