Wooden Clarinet Bells


Made to exacting standards from the highest quality materials, these clarinet bells will improve every aspect of your playing. They will make your Buffet clarinet sound better, and can even breathe new life into an old clarinet!

For Buffet A and B-flat Clarinets.

  • Improved Resonance from Ringless Design
  • Increased Presence and Focus
  • Enhanced Response and Clarity

Wooden Clarinet Bells
These bells are made from beautiful unstained Grenadilla wood with a ringless design for better resonance. Our clients have been amazed at how big of a difference our bells have made on their instruments. Many players know what a great barrel can do, but a bell can make as big of a difference, if not more. Surprisingly, the whole range of the clarinet sings (not just the bell-notes), and many players describe a freedom that they were never able to achieve, previously.

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