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Introducing our new line of Rice Clarinet Works CNC-Made Clarinet Mouthpieces! We’ve been in collaboration with master mouthpiece maker and principal clarinet of the South Dakota Symphony Chris Hill to help with our designs. It’s taken us several years to perfect our amazing, high-quality, hand-crafted mouthpieces.

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Expertly finished to perfection, each professional mouthpiece is hand-faced, sanded, and play-tested over the course of several days to bring out each mouthpiece's unique characteristics. Our intermediate model even has a hand-finished facing, which is unheard of for a mouthpiece in this price range!

  • Fantastic Resonance
  • Great Focus
  • Enhanced Response and Articulation

About the Manufacture:
RCW mouthpieces are manufactured in-house on our state-of-the-art computer controlled mill and lathe to deliver the finest in consistency and quality. In contrast to many conventional molded rubber mouthpieces, CNC-made mouthpieces are more accurate and more consistent by a wide margin. The rubber is more dense, as well, since the blanks remain cool while machining. This makes machined blanks play much better than molded rubber.

Additional Notes:
Currently, all of the RCW Clarinet Mouthpieces come in one tip opening/length combination of 109/17mm. Based on our initial feedback, we may offer several other variants in the future.

Model K Professional Mouthpiece:
We've based our Model K on an amazing Chicago Kaspar Mouthpiece that we feel was the absolute best in every way. We used many of its design aspects, but also looked to improve certain characteristics to make a mouthpiece we could call our own. This mouthpiece is characterized by a powerful and brilliant tone that can cut through an orchestra.

Model C Professional Mouthpiece:
Our Model C mouthpiece has a deeper baffle, which gives the sound more bottom-end. Still powerful like the Model K, but with slightly less brilliance. The Model C is perfect for someone looking for a slightly darker and more covered sound.

Intermediate Mouthpiece:
The RCW Intermediate Mouthpiece is designed to be a step up from the stock mouthpiece that many beginning and intermediate players use. Besides playing amazingly well, it has many things that are not found on any mouthpiece in this price range. Just like our pro mouthpieces, the intermediate mouthpiece is CNC-made and even has a hand-finished facing! Just like our other mouthpieces, we've made sure this has power, brilliance, and depth of sound, but at a much more affordable price!

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Model K, Model C, Intermediate


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