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Patrick Hanudel

Patrick Hanudel is an U.S. Army musician, having served with the Army Ground Forces Band (AGFB) under Forces Command (FORSCOM) headquarters at Fort Bragg, NC; the Eighth Army Band at Yongsan Garrison in Seoul, South Korea; and the Third Infantry Division Band at Fort Stewart, GA. Currently he is a member of the 282nd Army Band at Fort Jackson, SC.

Before enlisting, Dr. Hanudel held the position of Principal Clarinet with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra and the Columbus (IN) Philharmonic.

He also attended the Tanglewood Music Center and the Banff Arts Center on fellowship; earned his Bachelor of Music degree from Miami University (Ohio) under Michele Gingras; and obtained his Master of Music degree from the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music (CCM) under Richie Hawley. In April 2016, he completed his Doctor of Musical Arts degree at CCM under the guidance of Ron Aufmann.

Dr. Hanudel has appeared twice as a featured artist at the International Clarinet Association ClarinetFest. In July 2010 at the University of Texas at Austin he performed the rarely heard Leo Sowerby Sonata with George Mason University piano professor Ina Mirtcheva, and in August 2012 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln he garnered acclaim in Ohio composer-pianist Stephen Estep’s Technical Difficulties with Mr. Estep at the keyboard.

During his time with the Army Ground Forces Band, Dr. Hanudel was an integral part of the unit’s woodwind chamber music. As Music Director of the Wind Quintet, he frequently made custom arrangements and prepared the group for performances at Army ceremonies and for local recitals. Later, as part of his DMA final project with CCM, he organized the FORSCOM Four Clarinet Quartet, whom he led on Army recruiting concert tours in North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio.

As part of the Eighth Army Band, Dr. Hanudel assisted in the revival of the Peninsula Winds woodwind quintet during an unusual shortage of double reeds. As Music Director, he created a library of custom arrangements for an ensemble of flute, two clarinets, horn, and baritone saxophone, enabling the group to perform regularly at Army ceremonies, observances, dinners, holiday receptions, and children’s events.

Dr. Hanudel often collaborates with his wife Kristen Spiridon. Their chamber music appearances include performances in Cincinnati, OH; Palo Alto, CA; Savannah, GA; and Fairfax, VA, among others. He is also a frequent guest member of the clarinet sections in the Savannah Philharmonic, the Symphony Orchestra Augusta, and the Coastal Symphony (GA).

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