Buffet R13 B-Flat Greenline – 502217


Freshly cleaned and serviced with over five hours of work, this really nice R13 Greenline is ready for a new home! The keywork (silver) is in immaculate shape, and the instrument doesn’t look like it was played very much.

Surprisingly, Greenline clarinets can play just as well as a wood instrument (and sometimes better). This particular clarinet has a nice ringing sound that can fit in with any group (outdoors or indoors). The case has some wear on the outside, but the inside is fresh and clean. Otherwise, there's nothing wrong with this really nice instrument, and it could be a fantastic clarinet for someone looking to upgrade or play outdoors!

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Every few months we travel to the Buffet Crampon USA Warehouse to personally select the very best clarinets they have to offer. We sift through 50-60 clarinets per visit to find truly outstanding instruments.

When choosing a clarinet, we look for the following characteristics:

  • Superior Tone - With evenness throughout the range
  • Excellent Resonance and Vibrancy - we listen for that extra sparkle that few clarinets possess
  • Even Tuning
  • Wood That is Free of Defects - No knots, chips, or wavy grain

With our setup, your clarinet will be its very best from the start!Clarinets from any factory (even the very best Buffet Clarinets) are not perfect in terms of keywork, pads, spring tension, etc. What sets us apart is that every single clarinet receives a full professional-quality setup to make the mechanical feel and function as good as the sound. We spend a great deal of time addressing every issue that can keep your clarinet from playing its absolute best.

Every clarinet is checked to make sure the following things are perfect:

  • Pressure/Suction - No leaking pads
  • Key Movement - No binding or drag
  • Spring Tension - Proper tension and balance
  • Ring Heights - Checked for proper evenness and height
  • Pad Height Opening - Checked for proper venting (no stuffiness)
  • Key Spatula Locations - Key positions checked for ergonomics

Why Buy Your Clarinet from Us?

We are clarinetists with many years of performing and clarinet repair experience, so we know exactly how a great instrument should play and feel. This results in a better adjusted, easier to play, and ultimately a better sounding clarinet.

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