Buffet R13 B-Flat 264876


Wow – this clarinet is in fantastic shape for its age!! We date it to 1984, and it’s hard to believe the instrument is that old.

Everything is in excellent condition - wood, plating, etc., and it also plays really well.

Of course we've done our full cleaning and oil treatment service. We've also performed a full repad on the entire instrument, replaced almost every bumper, and even a few tenon corks, as well. This clarinet is ready for playing at any level, and with the work that's been done it will last a very long time!

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Every clarinet is checked to make sure the following things are perfect:

  • Pressure/Suction - No leaking pads
  • Key Movement - No binding or drag
  • Spring Tension - Proper tension and balance
  • Ring Heights - Checked for proper evenness and height
  • Pad Height Opening - Checked for proper venting (no stuffiness)
  • Key Spatula Locations - Key positions checked for ergonomics

Why Buy Your Clarinet from Us?

We are clarinetists with many years of performing and clarinet repair experience, so we know exactly how a great instrument should play and feel. This results in a better adjusted, easier to play, and ultimately a better sounding clarinet.

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